Cloud platform for apps
Deploy and host your apps without the hassle.

Your teammate for DevOps. Perfect for hackers that want to spend their time on getting new customers and building apps, not infrastructure.

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Deploy with git push

You spend too much time fiddling with your deployment process. Piecing together your own solution to CI/CD, ops, cloud, containers or whatever you want to call it is a waste of your time. Focus on your app.


An automated build pipeline for all your apps


Any Docker image from a connected registry

Private Registry

Integrated private image registry for your apps

Docker that works, even for beginners

Use modern deployment tech without having to be an expert. Our own CLI tool will create a customized Dockerfile for your web app and get it ready to deploy on any host.

Mason CLI

One command and your Dockerfile is ready.


Easily use your own Docker images.


Lightweight, portable industry standard.

Get ahead of scalability issues

You need to stop playing catch-up with scalability. Our experience scaling apps will let you proceed with certainty. Codemason has everything you need to manage your apps at scale.

Your Own Servers

Bring your own servers and beat lock-in.


Orchestration across your cluster with Rancher.

Load Balancing

Distribute traffic across your containers.

Love simplicity? Try Codemason.

Deploy your app to production in less time than would take to Google another server question.

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