Deploy and host your apps without the hassle.

Fighting with servers gets in the way of building great apps. Codemason gets you back to building amazing products sooner.

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Your time is valuable. You have features to build, bugs to fix and code to write. Servers, certificates, CI/CD, containers, and scaling get in the way. The good news? Codemason solves it for you.

Why Developers Love Codemason

Let us show you how Codemason can help you deploy your apps faster and take the pain out of maintaining them long after they're live.

Launch your app in minutes.

Your growing SaaS needs you focused on adding value, not configuring servers. Let your competitors waste their time on that while you keep on shipping.

Focus on your business.

Time spent on servers is time lost. Your app needs your attention now more than ever. While you focus on building a great business, we’ll keep your app online.

Developer friendly pricing.

We'll just come right out and say it: Codemason is the Heroku experience with the savings and flexibility of running your own servers.

Cloud platform features

Build, launch, manage and scale apps with confidence.


Build faster and ship more with our integrated CI/CD build pipeline for all your apps.

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You can rest easy knowing your app will gracefully handle unexpected traffic spikes.

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Automatic server clustering pools resources and makes your apps more resilient.

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Managed add-ons are a pain-free way to launch production-grade apps with one-click.

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Deploy your app to production in less time than would take to Google another server question.

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