About Codemason

We believe in the power of simplicity.

👋 Hi! My name is Ben, the founder of Codemason.

Codemason is for indiehackers, solo devs and small agencies who value their time and love building amazing apps.

I created Codemason as an alternative to spending too much money on Heroku or spending too much time setting up your own server on DigitalOcean or AWS. It's the best of both worlds!

We take care of configuring your servers, running your CI/CD build pipelines and deploying/scaling your app across as many servers as you want.

We're not some soulless enterprise backed mega corp jacked up on VC cash. We're crafted with love and bootstrapped out of beautiful Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺.

Proud to be bootstrapped.

Codemason was founded in January 2016 and has been totally bootstrapped from day one. Bootstrapping keep us in reality. It keeps us focused on building a sustainable and lasting business our users can trust.

We don't have to hit certain growth targets before we run out of money and have to shut everything down. We don't have to make weird decisions to please investors. And we don't have to worry about making an exit. We just get to build a great business, helping amazing customers! 🕺

Our "hit by a bus" plan.

A fun question to ask solo founders is always, "what happens if you get hit by a bus?". It's a fair question to ask, people want to trust that Codemason isn't just going to disappear one day out of the blue (don't worry, it won't).

But in that unlikely scenario:

Remember you own your servers so they're not going anywhere and you'll be able to keep on running as is.

Since Docker is at the heart of everything we do, you can always piece together a Codemason-esque pipeline for your apps... You know, the old (and gross) way we did things before Codemason.

You will not be abandoned. We are a sustainable business, thanks to people like you. We are not going anywhere.

Feature suggestions.

Feature requests and suggestions are welcomed! We can't make any promises but feel free to email them through so we can discuss them together and see if we can make it happen!