Add-on Catalog


The Codemason add-on catalog is where things get exciting. Think of it as the app store for developers where you can provision services that extend, enhance or improve your application with just one click.

Add from the catalog

When using the Codemason Web UI, the catalog is how you provision services for your application. This has proven to be an effective method of simplifying the user experience.

To add a service from the catalog, simply go into your application and press the "Add Service" button. This will take you too the add-on catalog. From there you will be able to choose a service to add to your application.

When you click "Launch" you will be taken to the service editor where you can confirm the final settings before launching the service on your service.

The custom category

Within the add-on catalog there is a special category for custom services. Items within the custom category relate to getting your code or services you've built somewhere else onto your server.

For example, if you had an image built elsewhere that you want to run as a service in your app, you would launch a Docker service.

Special catalog items

While most catalog items will take you to the service editor with the default values filled out for you, special catalog items will take you through a flow that's unique to the service. This is particularly useful in simplifying otherwise confusing processes.