Command Line Authentication


The Mason CLI utilises 3 kinds of authentication, email and password, API token and SSH key. As a user, you will only need to worry about logging in with your email and password.

When you login, the CLI will obtain an API token. This API token is used to authenticate all of the Codemason API requests. You can view the API Tokens generated for your account in settings under the API tab.

Authenticating with the CLI

Sign in to Codemason account with the login command. The CLI will prompt you for your Codemason email and password.

$ mason login

Retrieving current user

You can retrieve information about the currently logged in user with the whoami command.

$ mason whoami 

Retrieving your API token

Retrieve the API token the CLI is using to authenticate your requests

$ mason token 

Logging out

You can easily sign out of your Codemason account with the logout command

$ mason logout