Deploy to Codemason button


The "Deploy to Codemason" button provides a simple one-click option for users to deploy apps on Codemason.

The Codemason button is super versatile and can be used to cover a variety of needs. Here are some examples for how you can use the Codemason button:

  • Add it to your project README file for easy deployment
  • Add it to the end of your tutorials so people can easily try and build on examples
  • Send one to your customers customers/clients so they can easily deploy your work
  • ... And more!

It provides a great alternative to maintaining a list of manual steps required to configure an app.

Here's an example of a deploy button for a sample PHP app:


Learn more about adding the Codemason button


The main requirement for a Codemason button is that your app have a valid mason.json file in its root directory and the app source code is hosted in a GitHub repository.

Creating the mason.json file

The mason.json file is the designated file to store the Mason JSON for your app. Mason JSON is a clear and easy to write JSON schema for declaring all the information required to run an app on Codemason

Here's a sample mason.json file

  "name": "sample-php-app",
  "description": "A demo PHP app",
  "repository": "",
  "masonVersion": "v1",
  "type": "application",
  "services": [
      "name": "web",
      "image": "${app}/${branch}:${commit}"
  "servers": [
      "size": "standard-1x"

Testing the mason.json file

It is a good idea to test your Mason JSON to ensure it is working as you expect.

You can do this via Codemason:

Adding the Codemason button

Once you're happy that your mason.json file is valid and working as expected, you can add the button to you app's README.

Be sure to change the template query parameter to match the URL of your repository.

The following snippet is an example of how you can add the Codemason button to a document using Markdown


If you'd prefer not to use Markdown, here's the equivalent implementation of the Codemason button in HTML

<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="Deploy">