Upgrading an existing app


By this stage, you will have already seen how easy it is to deploy an application Codemason. Now we'll show you just how easy it is to push your changes to Codemason an upgrade your app.

Simply modify your application as you would normally and ensure you add the modified files to git

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Update app"

Then push it to the Codemason Git remote

$ git push codemason master

This will trigger our CI runners and build an image with your changes in it as per the build instructions in your gitlab-ci.yml file.


Run the services:upgrade command to update an existing application. Be sure to specify the service you wish to upgrade in the following format application/service

$ mason services:upgrade pebble/web 

Upgrading service on Codemason... Done

Codemason will upgrade your application. If you are satisfied with your changes you can finish the upgrade

$ mason services:upgrade pebble/web --finish

If you are not happy with your upgrade, you can rollback

$ mason services:upgrade pebble/web --rollback

Additionally, you may --cancel upgrades and --cancel-rollbacks if required.

Next steps

Now you have got the basics of deployment down, let's learn about Managing multiple environments and scaling.