Migrate from Heroku to Codemason

How to migrate from Heroku to Codemason.

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Codemason + DigitalOcean

Codemason charges a flat fee based on how many servers you connect. Deploy unlimited apps to each cluster

Servers (with DigitalOcean)
Load Balancer
Web Server
Web Server, Cron
Background Workers
PostgreSQL, Redis
Codemason Subscription
Pro Plan $99/mo

${{ codemasonTotal.toLocaleString() }}/mo

This is your total cost on Codemason using DigitalOcean servers. Plus, you can deploy multiple apps and save even more money!


Heroku charges for every app and add-on you install

512 MB RAM
Standard 1X
512 MB RAM
Standard 2X
Performance M
2.5 GB RAM
Performance L

${{ herokuTotal.toLocaleString() }}/mo

This is your total cost per app on Heroku.

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Moving from Heroku to Codemason

Migrating an application from Heroku to Codemason is straight forward.

Codemason is a Heroku alternative that gives you the same great workflow you love with the savings and flexibility of running your own servers.

The general approach for migrating from Heroku to Codemason is to setup the server first, deploy the app and then migrate the data over.

Getting started

If you haven't already, you will need to create a free Codemason account.

Creating a server

First you will need a server. For this guide we will use DigitalOcean however, you are free to use which ever cloud provider you feel most comfortable with.

Go to the Servers tab and click Add Server then choose DigitalOcean from the list of available cloud providers.

If you haven't already, login to your DigitalOcean account and create a new access token by going to the API tab and clicking Generate New Token. Connect DigitalOcean to your Codemason account by providing the secret key you just generated and click Save.

Then launch a new 1 GB DigitalOcean server. It will only take a few minutes to boot up and connect to Codemason.

Deploying your app

With your new server created it's time to deploy your app. We will deploy our app through the Mason CLI.

First thing is to make sure you have Mason CLI installed and have logged into your Codemason account with mason login.

Prepare your codebase

Your codebase will need a Dockerfile and .gitlab-ci.yml file.

These files can be automatically added by using the Craft Kit that suits your app

$ mason craft php
Create your app

Next, you'll need to create your new app

$ mason create

Push your code to the Codemason remote just like you would on Heroku

$ git push codemason master

Then deploy it to your server with

$ mason services:create your-app-name/my-service

Learn more about deploying apps on Codemason...

Need help?

No one likes moving. It sucks, we know.

That's why we're offering to migrate your apps to Codemason for free. Just send us an email and we'll get to work getting you up and running on Codemason.

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